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We were founded on the idea that cognitive training based in the principles of neuroscience can dramatically improve workplace safety. Based on nine major principles of brain function, Preflex Safety engages the nonconscious brain, which is the part of the brain that almost all training methods ignore. The nonconscious brain, what we call the back-channel, not only guides thoughts and behaviors at a primary level, but also dictates thought, awareness, and behavior, in particular during stress. Preflex Safety is the science of developing automatic thought to guide behavior and increase awareness in active environments.

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Our Mission

To greatly enhance workplace safety by using fundamental principles of neuroscience to train automaticity around perception, processing, and performance.

The Vision

To help individuals, teams, and organizations reach their maximum potential by enhancing the way they see, understand, and interact with their environment.


Cognitive Command Group, LLC was formed in 2016 by Dr. Jonathan Page, PhD and successful executive Chris Richardson. The unique system is based on Dr. Page’s extensive research in cognitive neuroscience. His two decades of research on how stress impacts performance and how to overcome it led to the Preflex First approach to training, which has been implemented in a variety of dynamic workplaces and law enforcement agencies.

Preflex First, a sister company to Preflex Safety, applies the same neuroscience-based micro-training to first responders.

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